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John Wick Re-Enactment Society

Thanks for visiting the John Wick Re-Enactment Society! We are a group of passionate John Wick movie watchers that enjoy acting out scenes with firearms from the films. Our goal is to provide a place where people with similar interests can come together and share their enthusiasm for tactical movie series where firearms are used. We welcome you to join us and experience the thrill of John Wick firsthand, whether you are an experienced re-enactor or a newbie to the scene.

Why Join the John Wick Re-Enactment Society

Who is John Wick

This is a quick synopsis for those who are unfamiliar with the John Wick film series: After his wife passed away, retired assassin John Wick went back to his former life. He sets out on a vengeful mission that leads him on a wild trip through New York City's criminal underbelly. The films are renowned for their breath-taking cinematography, amazing action sequences, and sophisticated choreography.

To prepare for his part as John Wick in the film series, Keanu undertook intense weapons training. He carefully collaborated with California-based firearms training organisation Taran Tactical Innovations to hone the abilities and methods required to successfully play a highly trained assassin.

Reeves honed his tactical shooting and gun handling skills by practising with a range of weapons, such as pistols, shotguns, and rifles. To enhance his overall performance in the action sequences, he also concentrated on improving his physical condition and combat skills.

Taran Butler, the creator of Taran Tactical Innovations, claims that Reeves was a committed pupil who devoted endless hours to honing his abilities. He also gained a profound respect for both gunsmiths and the users of firearms

Reeves' dedication to his training paid off in the movies, as his portrayal of John Wick's lethal accuracy and skilled shooting has grown to be the character's distinguishing quality. Reeves gained his own reputation as a proficient shot as a result of the firearm training, and he has subsequently participated in a number of shooting contests and even served as a weapons trainer on other film set.

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