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Live Fire Firearm Training

About the Course

The Bare Arms Theatrical Firearms Courses are designed to give performers the competence and the confidence to handle firearms safely in a theatrical setting. Each course is 3 days long, utilises real weaponry and live ammunition, on some of the best civilian ranges in the UK. Our courses are the only courses in the UK to use full-bore live ammunition on real ranges and our instructors are ex-military with front-line combat experience who now work as theatrical armourers and military advisers. Our firearms training courses are designed for actors and performers and have been running since 2017.

Your Instructor

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons

Ben served for 10 years in the British Army as an officer into the Royal Tank Regiment. Between 2010 and 2013 he deployed multiple times to Afghanistan in a variety of roles. He is now a military adviser and firearms instructor for the theatrical industries, working in film, TV, theatre and games.

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