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Firearm Training for Film & TV

Accredited by the NFA

Specialise in

5 Star Rating

Tactical Live Fire Firearm Training

About the Course

This is your chance to experience the handling of firearms with a hands-on training course to increase your skills while having fun doing so. Learn how to hold and load multiple Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns while moving like a professional feeling confident that when that on-screen opportunity comes, you will be competent and safe to perform like a pro.

We will cover the basics like...

1. The safe use of firearms in Film & TV productions recommended by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive)

2. The 4 main safety rules when handling firearms and how they benefit you as an Actor

3. Familiarisation of the different types of firearms available on-screen past and present and how they work

4. Marksmanship principals with tactical movement and firing positions to fit different firearm roles on Film & TV

5. Competency and safety testing

6. Shooting during film

7. Live Fire Target Shooting

Your Instructor

Benjamin Leonides

Benjamin Leonides

Ben first started as a Firearms Instructor in America in the early 2000’s. Having previously trained with the British Army along with competitive shooting in the UK. It was only when he went to America that he saw shooting in a different light and continued to train and start training others. Being employed by a company that offered private investigation and close protection services, his focus shifted more on to the tactical element of the shooting industry with worldwide experience as a tactical firearms instructor.

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