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ID Fight

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Stage Combat with Firearms

About the Course

Our courses have been designed by our Theatrical Firearms instructors who have trained and consulted with UK police, UK & US Military, & Film Armourers to make the training relevant, fun and great value for money.

Once you have completed either of our main firearms courses, you are welcome to join our Firearms Elite course, a weekly supportive skills session designed to polish your skills, keep them fresh and allow you to explore more advanced techniques.

Your Instructor

Eifon Nighingale

Eifon Nighingale

Eifion has been with ID Fight since 2013 and very quickly integrated himself into the core team.

As a competent Special Action Performer and as someone who has an almost obsessive compulsion towards skill development, in the space of only a few years has become very proficient in theatrical firearms, armoury, military and tactical weaponry and even some subsidiary skills like lockpicking and pickpocketing.

While Eifion has proved himself as a talented choreographer and performer, he excels in teaching our Firearms courses.

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