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TV Cops

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Police Firearm Training

About the Course

1. Bronze - An introduction to weapons handling and safety on set. Using blank firing and high velocity weapons on a military 25m firearms range, actors are taught to shoot to a level of a UK Police firearms officer in both the Glock 17 handgun and the G36C Carbine in both uniform and CID scenarios. The best way for an actor to display a high level of safety and authenticity on set is to actually be taught the principles of shooting.

2. Silver - Building on the principles of the Bronze course, actors are taught the basic tactics commonly seen on screen. Skills in building entries and searches along with low level vehicle armed stops give the students the first level of armed tactical training. Utilising a military 'skills house' ensures a high level of tactical authenticity.

3. Gold - Advanced tactical training expose the students to emergency scenarios and hostage rescue drills. This includes the use of smoke and distraction type devices.

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TV Cops are a group of ex-Police officers with over 400 years of very recent experience offering Police advice to TV and Film. Their skillset includes firearms trainers, commanders and operators, counter terrorism, negotiators, nationally accredited trainers, Tier 5 suspect and witness interviewers, CID senior officers, public order and public safety commanders, trainers and operators, Dog handlers, National crime agency investigators, Air support officers including drone pilots.

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